It was a 1974 Brougham with gold paint, partially gold plated wire. Classic Vintage Cadillac’s From The 1970′s – Also Special Bonus Superfly Section Super Fly Cadillac Kustom Cars Sticker #49. This Barris special goes beyond tradition with oversize headlights, a half top with push button skyroof. Trivia: In a past issue of Deals on Wheels, a guy in California was selling the ultimate Superfly Cadillac. Animatronixx wrote Those headlights became known as “SuperFly” headlights and Les Dunham.

Definitely one of those Dirty South custom jobs [which refers to a style as opposed to a geographic location. After “The End” is displayed, the film fades to black but Mayfield’s “Superfly” continues. Funny how less then two minutes of Hog got so much of a trend going. Ce coupй Cadillac “Eldorado”, annйe 1971-72, modifiйe par le carrossier amйricain, Les. Photo source: Nikon 995 Camera Posted: July 12, 2001 12:00 PM Category: Other Events This is an edited video of just the Cadillac from the movie.
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July 12, 2001: superfly cadillac
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